What Moms Talk About When We Talk at Playgrounds

“Since Yelcin listens to Turkish at home he’s taking his time learning English. While my mom was here she only spoke Turkish. Now his English is getting so much better,” Servgi said as we shared a green bench in Central Park together. The first virgin fresh breezes of Spring stroked our faces. Our hands sat […]

Wherever Two or More Are Gathered

Two years ago, when an Ethiopian judge asked how I proposed to take care of a baby alone I repeated, after my panic subsided, an old African proverb:“It takes a village to raise a child; and back home in New York City I have a small village.” My words came back to me, with the […]

Shot through the Heart

I thought after viewing the morning news at the dawn of last Wednesday my next post would focused around Steve Martin was becoming a first time Dad at the age of 67 and the second coming, so to speak, of Alex Baldwin’s fatherhood as he and his third wife await their new baby. abcnews.go.com/Health/alec-baldwin-wife-pregnant-fatherhood-time/story?id=18494143 I […]

Happy Second Anniversary

Monday, February 4th, marked the two-year anniversary of Julia’s homecoming. I hadn’t plan any sort of celebration, only to get through my busy day, my piles of writing work, return home and make our dinner. Halfway through the turkey stew with mashed potatoes (served on Julia’s lepoard shaped plate) she started to chortle in an […]

Good News, Bad News

Good News.(G.N.) Julia and Mommy are fine, high and dry on the Upper West Side, on day one of the Hurricane Sandy aftermath, Julia decides to done her spare Bumble Bee costume. And Mommy learns the power of play in the tough, emergency situation, an unprecedented event in New York City. Grandma calls three times before […]


A few weeks ago, when the website LearnVest Moms invited me to participate in an online panel sponsored by Dove, of course, I said yes. But quickly found the first topic, bullying, was no cakewalk. Here’s my response: http://www.learnvest.com/2012/06/how-to-stop-your-child-from-being-bullied/ At the time I thought of bullying in terms of my two-year-old daughter, that is to […]