Wonder Woman Wendy

Thirteen hours. All in, Senator Wendy Davis stood before the Texas Senate, upright and unsupported by a podium or a person, for thirteen hours. Senator Davis filibustered against an anti-abortion bill on the floor for thirteen hours. She spoke the truth of women’s reproductive rights and those of the men who love them. Davis argued, […]

Adoptive Couple vs Baby Girl Veronica

Sounds like a joke, right? Sadly, it isn’t. As a parent, in paricular an adoptive parent, I’ve lost sleep over this case, wondering what this trial is doing to a toddler during her most formative years. Please take a moment to read The Supreme Court ruling announced in today’s New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/26/us/justices-order-return-of-indian-child-to-adoptive-parents.html?hp&_r=0